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On January 19th, 1915, the Neon Lighting Tube was given US Patent # 1,125,476, and the door for Neon Signs was opened. The first Neon Sign on record sold in America was in 1923. Nearly 90 years has passed, and we are still using this technology to further our business cause. Neon has been proven to be a viable source of colorful shapes and sizes to fit almost any application while maintiaining realativley low maintenance. In some cases, Neon glass can last 40 - 50 years. Of course, this type of performance is limited to the Neon Glass itself, not the transformers that power it. Channel letters and custom shapes can be properly and evenly illuminated by the use of Neon. Ask us today how we can use this proven technology to propel your modern branding.

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We appreciate and thank all of our customers.
We have several business signs made and are very pleased with the products and the quickness of the service. The Opp Gun Shop highly recommends this company!
Opp Gun Shop - 11 Jan 2017